Welcome to the DragonVale Stories Wiki

Hello, DragonVale fans! This is a wiki where you can let your creative side spill out. Write stories about the game, or read other people's series! If you do not want to write, you can always comment on another story.

What should you write about?

Anything! Everything! So long as it is about DragonVale, it is accepted. It does not have to be a fan fiction, either. For example, you could write about the first epic dragon you got, or I could write about not getting ANY Panlong Dragons during the most recent Bring 'Em Back, and all the other epic dragons I got during that time.

If you are not sure if the topic is appropriate for the wiki, you can always post on my wall.

Don't have anything to write about?

That's perfectly fine! Feel free to go and comment on a story or series! Make your presence felt! Every edit counts!

How do you write your story/series?

You can create a page for your series or story, or as an alternative write a blog post. If you create a page, make sure that all of your story is on the page, and that you sign the page at the bottom. Do not use multiple pages for different installments, please.

As the founder of this wiki, I (User:Dragonlover73) prefer that people who are writing a series or a single story use a page, but if you are writing a lot of unrelated stories, I suggest that you post them in your blog.


If you want to become a mod or admin, make sure you meet all the requirements below, then leave a message on my wall or talk to me in chat.

Current staff:

Administrators Wiki Moderators Chat Moderators
Dragonlover73 (founder)

​How to become a staff member:

Chat mod first - be someone who is in chat often and is responsible.

Wiki mod - be a chat mod already and know more about coding than I do...

Admin - first couple: be someone who I know well and can trust. Have at least one series or three stories on the wiki. Know how to code.


None at the moment! Keep coming back!