Psycho Wendigo

aka Lord, Sun, TLoSaS, etc

  • I live in The American Midwest
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is Eating
  • I am a creature who's hunger will never be sated...
  • Psycho Wendigo

    While making my rounds in my park after hours I came across a piece of parchment that a guest left behind, I was going to throw it away, judging to be trash, but before I did I took the opprotunity to read it, what I discovered and learned was so bizarre that I have transcribed it digitally onto this blog and have placed the original document in my parks Lost and Found, this Professor Plantabo may have stumbled across something big...

    On The Subject of Sprout Dragons Professor Plantabo DD

    Tuesday, March 11th

    A brand new egg has been brought to the University today, of brown and green, it's close to hatching, already it occasionally chirps and shakes, at the risk of forgoing academic decency I must say nothing makes my heart pound quicker than …

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